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Welcome to Get Foxy!
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Please take your time to stroll around through this page. I am covering topics for the Ladies here.
( Sorry guys! )

So you want to get Foxy huh?

Links to Sites that will help you "Get Foxy"

Natural Ways to feel better!

  • Award-Winning: Natural Land
  • Fat Free Living Online
  • The Health Adventure!
  • thriveonline.com
  • Engineered Fitness - Welcome
  • FitnessOnline
  • Body Mechanics

    Tips for Hair care!!

  • Hair and Beauty

    Make-up Tips!

  • Those lips, those eyes
  • Makeup Tips: Glamour by John Maxwell
  • Makeup tips Online
  • BeautyLook.com - Cosmetics, Skin Care, Makeup, Tips, Gifts
  • Beautyworks.com - Beautyworks - Beautyworks
  • HOLLYWOOD ACTORS NETWORK - Makeup Tips - Gloria Martel

    A Long hot bath?

  • Springs Bath House
  • The Lipstick Page
    Nice, and Naughty Nighties

  • The Lingerie Lady - Where Passion Rules and Everyone Wears Black
  • Lingerie Store
  • Fantasy Lingerie
  • Chantelle Lingerie

    If you so desire, a little wine~

  • Wine Lovers' Homepage
  • Food & Wine Access
  • Wine Lovers' Page
  • Wine and Wine-Related Resources List

    Simply women's resources

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • Electra for women only!
  • The WomanSource Online Homepage

    Foxy's personal tips!
    1. Drink lots of water! It is good for you hair, skin, nails, and weight!
    2. Try, and I do mean try to excercise once a day even if for only 10 minutes.
    3. Eat 5 fruits and veggies every day.
    4. Don't smoke!
    5. Take a long aromatic bath at the end of the day, or when you have time!
    6. Get outside, even if only for a few minutes!
    7. Don't take fad diet drugs!
    8. Take your daily vitamins
    9. Use mosturizers and lotions every day!
    10. Doing something good, makes you feel good!!
    *Disclaimer: This is personal advice, and is not to be taken in any context other than just that. If you need personal care, please see your doctor, or other professional health care attendant at once!

    If you have any other links, or have comments or suggestions

    © 1998 Lana Stanford*All Rights Reserved.

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