Welcome, come on in!

As you enter the room, a huge round of applause erupts. The past Distinquished Links at Foxy's are listed here, and are proudly displayed.

Please take the time to visit these wonderful, and worthwhile sites. They are truly an assest to the internet.

Without further ado...

Faerie Lore and Literature January, 1998~ Our first choice ever.

Myst February, 1998~ A wonderful site, if you are into the game, or even if you are not. Visit here you will be hooked.

EPICURIOUS: GOURMET MAIN PAGE March, 1998~ A wonderful site, for anyone who likes to cook, or even just eat!

Many Faces In My Mirror April, 1998~ A great site, to kick back and enjoy. The talent here, abounds.

Eerie World Home Page May, 1998~ Explore the other side.

Retro Living - Main site June, 1998~ A fantastic site if you ever feel like "rewinding".

The BIG 80's July, 1998~ Remember the 80's. This site does!

Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living August, 1998~ Nostalgic wonderland!

GIFPILE Sept, 1998~ The ultimate home of everything to do with graphics, and more Links! If it isn't listed, it probably doesn't exist.

Aunt Sally's Bewitchin Kitchen Oct, 1998~ A bewitchin site, with recipes.

Delta's Cajun Parlor Nov, 1998~ A taste of Cajun living, the way it was meant to be.

Dear DannoDec,1998~ A fun interactive site, with polls, quetions, advice ( not serious), and lots of other things to do!

1999 Distinquished Links
January 1999Alabama Live A fun interactive site, that offers a complete variety of humor.

February 1999: Funny.com A neat site for jokes, commentary, humor, and it's interactive!

March 1999: St. Patrick's Day.Com Have a wonderful and safe St. Patrick's day this year, and for many more to come!

April 1999~ April Fools.com Where it is April fools day all year round!

May, 1999~ Mother's Day on the internet!

June 1999 Happy Father's Day!

July 1999 4th of July Lots to see and do about our nation's birthday

Distinquished Link for August 1999:
Julius Caesar Resource CenterAnything you ever wanted to know about Julius Caesar

Distinquished Link for September 1999:
A&E.comGreat source for biographies, and much more!

*Note, this distinquished link list, cannot be applied for. I surf the net, and find sites that are contributing, and interesting. Do not apply for this honor, as I do not accept applications in this area. If I find you, you can believe I have viewed your site, enjoyed it, and asked if you would like to be listed here. Thanks for visiting Foxy's.

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