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Encyclopedia of the Celts

Irish Literature and Classics

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Sonnets from Ireland - E. Blomquist

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The Book of Kells

Carmina Gadelica

CELT Irish Electronic Texts

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William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats - E. Hishikawa

Poetry of William Butler Yeats

Rosses Point

The Brazen Head by A. B. Ruch

IQ Infinity: The Unknown James Joyce

James Joyce Bibliography - C. Cave

James Joyce's The Dubliners

Oscar Wilde - Ulysses

Oscariana - jOnnONYC

Poetry of Oscar Wilde

Edmund Burke - J.H.Smeenge

George Bernard Shaw - E. Grigassy

Samuel Beckett - K. Prior

Jonathan Swift - Incompetech

Gulliver's Travels Project - L. Jaffe

Maeve Binchy - BDD

John Millington Synge - Ulysses

J. M. Synge - D. Müller

Seamus Heaney Page - Dykki Settle

Flann O'Brien - Ronan O'Caollai

Flann O'Brien - Conrad Bladey

Flann O'Brien - Colm Buckley

Flann O'Brien - Ulysses

Flann O'Brien - Omnium

Swim-Two-Birds - Hugh O'Connor

Donn Byrne - J. Doherty

Patrick O'Brian Page - Joe Studholme

Patrick O'Brian Page - Norton

Patrick Kavanagh - Ulysses

Patrick Kavanagh

Bram Stoker - BBC

Irish Science Fiction Association

Attic Press

Cló Iar-Chonnachta


Dublin University Players

Galloping Cat Theatre Company

Malthouse Players

Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe

Charabanc Theatre Company

Druid Theatre Company

Bedrock Theatre Company

Macnas Theatre and Arts Group

Irish Modern Dance Theatre


A to Z of Ancient Ireland

Dates in Irish Myth and Legend

Children of Danu

Táin Bó Cuailnge--The Cattle Raid of Cooley


Cu Chulainn (brief)

Chulainn's Initiation

How Cuchulainn Got His Name

Cuchulainn Takes Up Arms

Chulaind's Riastarthae (Warp Spasm)

Bricriu's Feast

The Children of Lir

The Salmon of Knowledge

The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne

Story of Mac Dathó's Pig

The Voyage of Bran

The Voyage of Bran

The Birth of Fin MacCumhaíl

The Fianna of Erin

Fionn and the saving of Tara

Fionn and the Burning of Tara

The Battle of the White Strand

The Conquest of the Sons of Mil

The Second Battle of Mag Tured

The Wooing of Emer

Song of Amergin

Fin Barre "the fair-headed"

The Leeching of Kayn's Leg




Saint Patrick

Fingal - The Kin-Slaying of


The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Three Myths of St. Patrick

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Cari's Celtic Art Gallery


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Taste of Ireland - Guinness Links



Celtic Heart

Irish Castles on the Web

Irish Genealogy

"A Home Page with an Irish Flavour"

Celtic Wedding Ring Designs

Stories and Places of Irish Myth and Legend

Celts & Saxons Home Page

Ulysses - Ireland Through the Ages

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