Forever Young

Forever Young

Kennedy's passed on

As we recover from the news of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s untimely death, along with that of his wife, and sister-in-law we attempt to understand the events leading up to, and causing this terrible accident. No matter how hard we try, the question remains why do Kennedy's die so young? One opinion is offered here.
The Kennedy's live their life in such a manner that touches all American's in some form or another. They all have a message to give us as a public, and they are personified in their youth. JFK spoke of the youth of America on more than one occassion. He was a wonderful orator with a positive, new message and wanted a bright future for America's youth. He was shot down in his prime. The Kennedy tragedy has also taken Robert F. Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy Jr., Michael Kennedy, David Kennedy, and now JFK jr. much too soon. It seems they will be remembered as being forever young.
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. once said "when the young bury the old, it is a natural process, and one can heal, but when the old bury the young, it is un-natural and sometimes one never heals". Of the Kennedy's taken in their prime, 2 were shot down, 3 were killed in plane crashes, one died from a drug over-dose, and one died in a skiing accident. The Kennedy's love adventure, and living life to the fullest. They are a family oriented group, with a strong Faith in God.

With the passing of JFK Jr., it marks a differnt kind of tragedy for the Kennedy's however. One that seems to leave an even greater loss. Of all the young Kennedy's that died previously, they died alone. JFK Jr. had is wife and sister-in-law with him, and on this occassion 3 people were killed.

Some people have asked the question: "Is there a curse on the Kennedy's"?

In response to that, I cannot say. I can only look at the facts, and the events that have taken place, and left a page in the history books forever.
When we look back, tomorrow, or years from now, we will always see Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Kathleen Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Sr., Robert F. Kennedy Sr. , David Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy Jr. as the promising young people that they were. They will never grow old upon the earth, and will remain forever young in our minds, and in our hearts.

John-John rest in Peace.
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy rest in Peace.
Lauren Bessette rest in Peace.